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Thursday 28 April 2016

A sad goodbye, grooming goes on.

Sad to see our little Ts 110 groomer leave today.  It was a great little machine, ot never let me down and brought me back safe every time.   Its sad to seeit go by the grooming goes pn and its just a machine. 

Tuesday 19 April 2016

That's all folks!!!!

Well that it's folks, our snowmobile season is over in the Dubreuilville area and in all of Ontario.   Its was a slow start to the winter but it still ended up being a good season in the North.  I want to apologize for not updating my blog more over the winter, not everyone has Facebook and I was posting more on there.  

Some cool stuff comming for next season.  One thing is that I will have a new website, way better then blogger,  as soon as the website goes live I will post a link to it.   I want to do a email newletter, official trail reports that will be sent weekly.  If you are interested on being on this list just send me an email with the subject "Groomer Guy News letter". In the body of the email please write your email and tell me where you are from and dont be shy to share with me your snowmobile stories from last winter or from the years before,  I like hearing them.   

Email me at.

As for our local snowmobile club we plan to do some trail work this summer and try to add a few new loops if we can get approved for the trail work projects will keep you guys updated over the summer on here and in the news letter.

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Tuesday 29 March 2016

Good Morning Snowmobile friends, it was a crazy short winter but we still had some fun, I was able to put in lot's of grooming seat time this season, My family did get to see me much this winter but I will make it up to them this summer.

Sorry that I did not have the chance to update my blog, I'm doing more updates on my facebook page.   "The Groomer Guy Facebook Page"

I was invited to the KLIM Gear Photo Shoot in Feb that took place in the North Bay Area. We had a blast and got to try out lot's of cool sleds. I will do a blog post about this soon,  Our club trails are closing and I will have a little more free time to catch up with the blog.  I plan I changing my Blog doing a major overhaul and changing places, I'm hopping to be able to do this over the summer, many things will change even my youtube channel will be over hauled.    I'm also looking at getting some t-shirts and hoodies done, I've been thinking about this for years and  recently (last 6 months) writing down some ideas what I want to do.    Let me know if you would be interested in some or that you think it's a great idea  email me at 

2016 Klim Gear Photo Shoot

2016 Klim Gear Photo shoot

Monday 21 March 2016

Spring time Grooming March.

New Youtube video, I was out Grooming last Saturday, the trails are great for this time of year.

Monday 15 February 2016

Winter is here, Snow and Cold

Hello Snowmobile friends, Wow I can't believe how long I have updated my blog for you guys.   It's been a very slow start to the season with low snow and crazy temperatures.  Currently it's -41°C With a Wind Chill of -51°C.   Brrrrr No grooming for me this weekend as the groomer wont start as it has to be parked outside.  Friday night was a cold one too and I had a heck of a time getting the groomer ready for the next day. 

This is a video I took of my Friday groomer prepping in -33C temperatures

We now got the snow and I'm out often on the trail grooming and I'm making videos for you guys.  It snowed everyday for a week,  Saturday Feb 6th it snowed non-stop for over 15hrs.

I also got stuck in the mud while going out grooming on the D108A to Hornepayne.
Check out all my new videos 
Stuck I the Mud Rescue
Broken down Groomer
Packing /Groomering the D108A trail Hornepayne


Tuesday 22 December 2015

Not much to post

Hello blog friends, sorry I havent updated my blog in a while, not much news.  There is not much snow and we have yet to start packing.   Will keep you posted if there is any changes. Its curently snowing in Sudbury.

Friday 11 December 2015

Still no snow.

Hello guys, nothing new to report lately, poring rain this morning.  Snow n the forecast for Sunday Monday but I will be live it when it's n the ground.  It's been quite the disappointing weather patterns we are getting.  

I'll update you as soon as I get anything. 

Monday 7 December 2015

SnapChat anyone?

Hello guys, you can now add me to SnapChat.   I'm going to nag to start using it now.   Here is my scan code for to scan to add me.  Add me and send me a picture snowmobiling related, it can be a groomer, a trail, outside showing no snow your Snowmobile, your snowmobile with you hot girlfriend or wife on it. Hahahaha,   Send me something cool, we are all bored because there is no snow... Let's have fun.

Sunday 6 December 2015

Bloody Sunday Signs

RXHello snowmobile friends, how do your done like the new changes to my blog?   You can leave me a comment bellow.   I don't know if you guys noticed but my blog hit 1 MILLION views a week ago, I forgot to celebrate it on here. Woo hooo. Thank you guys for following my blog.   

Not much to report today, no new snow everything pretty well melted away.  This is not normal for this time of year, we usually have about 2+Feet of snow on the ground and trail packing are starting..  One good thing is that the ice is getting thicker on some small lakes, at places there is about 5 inches or more of good ice.  

Today I went out with our new club volunteer David Dyell to put up some signs behind the church in town, we had to move the trail over because there is a new sleeping quarters that has been built nearby and we had to relocate the trail.   Try not to speed out there and keep the noise down ad this will be a quiet zone as there will be shift workers.    David will be our new Signage Coordinator this seasson, he's on training I'm teaching him how to.  He's a fast learner and he will be great at it.  I learned a lesson that I knew from before..... Wear gloves or you can cut your finger on poles.... Cut my fingers good, had blood on everything,   The thing is I did not know I had cut myself, I noticed blood on the stuff I was touching, I guess my fingers where numb by the cold wind and I cold not feel anything.   Safety first guys.  

Well it's time for bed, going to finish up the signs after work tomorrow. Still plenty to do.  If anyone has a better way to pound posts in then those heavy steel Rams I would like to know.  

Prepping the signs by removing old signs from the polls.

The Groomer garage and my friend Dave helping me out 

This is what happens when you don't wear gloves.

The new Sleeping Quaters/complex  for the Gold Mine workers, there is close to a 100 rooms in there.

Do your snow dance guys we need that snow.

Keep on Grooming

The Groomer Guy.

Saturday 5 December 2015

The Groomer Guy live!!!!!

Hangout with me Tonight live.

Live Video Broadcast at 8:00pm 

On the Agenda.

Watch with me a cool Snowmobile 
DVD called "Shooled" from BoonDookers  staring Bret Rasmussen and Chris Burnandt.  I need to learn some new tricks for my Boondookng rides this winter.  lol

Q&A  ask me anything Snowmobile and groomer related you might even get some news scoop. :) I will try my best to answer all your questions.

Come and hangout and chat with me.

I will be doing this via The Periscope App, a link will be posted on here. You will be able to see, But I think it will be better on a desktop.  When broadcasting live on Periscope the audience can send you comments that you can see on your screen and you can reply to them.   It's very fun,  I'm hopping many of you will join and follo me, we can do this on a regular basis.   Let me know if you plan on joining me, the more the better, what else there is to do on a snowless Saturday night.

Oh we can't forget to have a few beers!!!! :)

See you guy tonight.