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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Information About Dubreuilville snowmobiling

Since many of you are emailing me about snowmobiling in Dubreuilville I decided to do a post about Information about questions  you guys are asking.

Dubreuilville Pop 900

Nestled in the heart of the Magpie Forest, Dubreuilville is easily accessible by car or by train. Approximate travel time from Sault Ste. Marie by automobile is 3.5 hours 45 minutes drive from Wawa) while it is a 5 hours train ride through the breathtaking Agawa Canyon on the Algoma Central Railway"s world famous Snow train, you can unload you sled in Dubreuilville. You can also reach Dubreuilville from Western Ontario. Dubreuilville is approximately a 5 hours drive east of Thunder Bay. Dubreuilville is located at the end of Hwy 519 east off the Trans-Canada Highway.

World Famous Snow Train
Take the train from Sault Ste marie and Unload in Dubreuilville

How close is Dubreuilville to you?
Grand Rapids
Sault Ste Marie
Thunder Bay

In the winter, the snowmobiling experience cannot be matched. Our Local Snowmobile club maintains  350+ kilometers (220 miles) of groomed trails amid the beautiful Magpie forest. Dubreuilville has some great off trail ridding (Boondocking areas) that provide the opportunity for each snowmobiler to stay in Dubreuilville for an extended period with something new to see and do every day.

Annually, we are one of the first snowmobile clubs to open our snowmobile trails to the public and one of the last to close them.  The reason for this is because most of our trails run on logging roads   In existence since 1968, the Alouettes Snowmobile Club of Dubreuilville works together to ensure some of the best snowmobiling in Ontario! With approximately 2000 hours of volunteer work or more every year committed to the club, people care about your experience in the region. The Alouettes are members of  the Algoma Sno-Plan Affiliation (ASPA) Dstrict 13  and Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC).

Looking to enjoy the great outdoors in winter but want to go at a slightly slower pace? You can have it all in Dubreuilville! Why not go cross-country skiing! We have 7 kilometers (4.3 miles) of cross-country skiing trails to offer enthusiasts that are groomed by devoted local volunteers.

 The fishing is great in Dubreuilville, try your hand at ice fishing on the Magpie River or one of the many lakes located in the area. Perhaps lady luck will be smiling on you when you are pulling the next big catch. Maybe you are in the mood to simply snowshoe or take a walk through the forest and spot some of our wildlife. How much you want to experience is all up to you!

In order to visualize what lies in the heart of the Boreal Forest, here are some important facts:

- the hub of all T.O.P. trails OFSC
 TOP Trails 
 D East, D West,  F East , Top Feeder D108A
 Local  Loop trails   Trail 7 (Dub 7)   100miles Loop,  Loop 2  (Moose Loop) - snow starts in December and ends in April
-Normal season we ride from December to April
- average snowfall 12 feet (3.7 metres)
- safe trails and wide bridges
- 14 ft. (4.3 m.) minimum trail width
- 24 hr. gas station
- ride through scenic trails, mountains, bush roads
- see moose and other wildlife on trails
- we have "warm up" shacks along the trails
- mid-way destinations within 80 kilometers (50 miles)
- ride some powder on old logging roads
- local repair shop
- leave your sled at your Motel door (it's very safe)
- best time to ride is February and March (it is not so cold!)
- 7 kilometers (4.3 miles) of groomed cross-country ski trails
- catch walleye, northern pike and other fish species

Where to Stay

Magpie Relay Motel Resort

24 Rue des Pins
Dubreuilville, ON



The MAGPIE-Relay is a Boutique 4 Season resort nestled along the Magpie River where trails and roads intersect creating one of Northern Ontario's most unique motorized adventure sport HUB's. This unique facility is the go to place to replenish oneself after having blazed trails and roads in the great outdoors. The facility caters to Snowmobilers, Dual Sport or Road Warrior motorcyclists and ATV'ers.
The Magpie-Relay offers access to Dining, SPA and massage facilities, Sauna, Hot Tub, A Man Cave to hangout with friends that is set up with couches pool tables and multiple TV's for your enjoyment a heated indoor motorized vehicle storage and repair bench.

(The Groomer Guy"s Store)     this is where you find me.
Convenience Store
52 rue des Pins

Come in to warm up from the cold with a nice hot cup of Coffee, We have a reputation  forThe best coffee in town.  we have tables there for you to sit and chat with me.

Movies Rentals
Gift Cards
Lotto Sales

Quickee-Mart Facebook Page:

How to get to theQuickee-Mart : From the gas station head south and pass by the Dubreuilville township office (Building with Blue roof) and in front of the Relais Motel on your right. Go strait down the hill for 2 blocks, the store is on the right come in to say hi......and buy something lol   :)

Lacroix Fresh Mart/ Home Hardware

There is a Full service grocery store with Beer and liquor sales, and also a Home Hardware Store.  The Home Hardware sells the famous Fur Boots that I wear for snowmobiling, It's the warmest boots I have ever worn, everyone here has them. Go see for yourself and try a pair on, you will not want to take them off.

The store is located  right off of the D trail behind the Church.  The Restaurant is also located in the same building.


LoL Resto Bar

They are located in the same building as the Grocery store and the Hardware store, Facing the Building the restaurant is at the end to the right.  They have great food and the staff are friendly. Plenty of parking on site for snowmobiles. 

 Dureuil Lumber  In  (Formerly Dubreuil Forest products)

24hrs Gas  only with visa and Master card

|Regular Hours with gas attendant
Monday to Friday  1pm to 5pm


DO NOT   lift the lever before going to swipe your card in the car reader the pump will not work anymore until some come and resets the system.  you must first swipe  chose pump number the you can lift the lever and gas up.    if you go to swipe your card and hear a beep beep beep... that means that somebody lifted the lever before swiping and one of the pumps needs to be re set, there is no way for you to know with pump it is, there is 4 pump so if one don't work try the other until you get one, if after all that it don't work then you can come to my store and ask for somebody to call the person in charge of the pumps

Repair Shop

A&S repair

They are located in the same building where the old SKI-DOO dealership was, from the Gas Station take the road to the right and follow it down until you see the shop to the right.   Coming in from the D trail from Wawa you can see it to your left at the end of the Street

The Groomer Guy    That's Me   :)

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