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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

I'm Back...did you miss me?

Hahaha... hi guys, I've been gone on a trip but just made it back to the store.... it's nice to have some days off but then you end up with lot's of work to catch up too all the rest of the week.   Came back home to a snow covered driveway and our car all covered in new snow,  my truck was parked in the driveway nice and clean from snow and with 4 brand new winter tires with studs I had dropped my truck at the tire shop before I left and they brought it back home for me.   Nice, I can't wait to try my new  tires out, my first time with studded tires.

I have some pictures of the road from my drive, will try to upload them later tonight and give you a snow report from the area.  Moe from Northern Lights Motel made a snow gauge for me to set up in Dubreuilville, can't wait to set it up and take pictures for you guys all winter long.

ok back to work..... ttyl.

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