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Friday, 23 December 2011

Grooming Video: Inside the cab

I took this video of me driving inside the groomer, Love this angle I will try it again but will try to get a better angle of the trail so you can see more and  what levers that I'm working with. I hope you guys like, I'm doing camera testing every time I go out trying out different types of shots.   Please give me feed back as I would like to know what kind of shot?angles you like the most.  Wish I had more cameras so I could do multiple shots with one camera facing the front showing the trail, one in the cab and one  shooting on the drag then edit them in the same video to make some very cool videos but those cameras are expensive.   I love doing this stuff I all ways wanted to go to school to learn how to do this, I wanted to be a Cameraman and shoot cool things and do the editing stuff.. and well life don't go to plan I was involved in a major car crash while on an ATV .......and that changed my whole life. 

So..... lol after all that  here is the new video... oh at the near the end you see me go up a hill that's a nice valley and after at the very end I go down a very steep hill. 


  1. Just an FYI you are doing an excellent job on trails as well as website....keep up the great work. It is nice to see how much you care about this sport. Just out of curiousity I see you have packed and groomed it done all the way to Hornepayne...? Cheers and have a Merry Chistmas and Happy new Year. Safe travels.

  2. Thank you steve. :)
    I only groomed 20kms of the D108A, I wanted to do the new section that we made? re routed off the plowed road, well most of it off the plowed road. It should be groomed in the next few days and also the 100 mile loop.

  3. Awesome thanks very much and we hope to see you up there on the 27th!! Again great job and much appreciated.

  4. I got word that 2 groomners and 4 eyguys will head out to open up de 100 mile loop and the D108A. Thats going to sweet to ride... that should take them about....15 hours to do..... they will have trees to and brush to cut so it could be even longer but they are very good die hard bush guys going out.. they are the type that if they had to sleep over night in the bush they would not have any problems lol

    Call me crazy but I wish I was heading out with them....

  5. That's great! Merry Christas!
    BTW any word on if Mattice and Opasatika will be opening soon??