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Friday, 20 January 2012

Club Alouettes Dubreuilville trail report. Jan 20th 2012

D trail East (To Wawa Club Trails) Open Groomed Jan 20th
 D Trail West (To white River Trails) Open
D108A North (To Hornepayne Trails) Open Groomed Jan 20th
 F Trail (To Dalton Chapleau Trails) Limited Groomed Jan 18th

Last night both groomers where out, the day before we got hit with close to on foot of nice powder snow and then the temp turned to very cold to -34.C and by 7am it was down to -36.c perfect conditions with tons of new snow and the cold. The Groomer op that did the D108A said there was close to 2 feet of snow over the trail base from the 40km to about 60 km makers on the road. The was lo't too on my side of the D east.

 The D to White River has not been groomed for a while because the D on the white river club has not been posted as open yet, I was told that they had been up on the trail but that all I know. The F trail was busted open early this week up to Dalton where we turn around. That trail is such a extreme trail to pack groom to open up... the hills are so bad we need a better groomer than a farm tractor or we invest more money in the trail many curves need to still be cut and hills need to have dirt dumped in the bottom to make them less steep. I need to hook up the camera and do a time laps recording.

The Chapleau club had made it to dalton a few weeks before but have not yet posted the trail as open as they told me they had a few things to do first. The F trail is on a logging road from Dalton to chapleau, the first 8 Miles is plowed coming out of dalton so I guess they need to work on the old side trail I saw a few trees in, I moved a few for them as I was there.

 Next trail to be groomed is the F trail up to Dog lake and then the D west. If we have spare time we will try to bust open 7 to hwy 17. That's depending if we have people helping out to cut the brush and fallen trees as I'm sure that trail will be bad since we haven't opened it since a few years. Make sure to check out my blog for more updates and pictures of the trails.

NOTE:  there is one spot on the D trail east with water on the trail, the beaver have plugged it up again and giving up problems, there is no worries its no deep only a few inches and its solid ground it an old logging road  trying to fix the problem.

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