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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Dubreuilville Information

I taught Id bring back this information for you guys since it's useful and the post is lost in all my other posts.  It's time of the year to start planing your trips.. so here's some info for you.

Please.... one way you can help the club is by trying to plan on staying in Dubreuilville, I've been talking to some of the people that are providing places for riders to stay.... so far they are not too busy and it not really worth the time and expenses to heat those places and they don't get rented.  If there is not more interest in renting places in Dubreuilville we could end up loosing those places.   If we only get traffic passing by  and only getting gas and then leaving for the other towns why would we go on providing trails if we don't get to benefit from it?  I get emails of people asking for information about trails and other stuff and then I learn that they are staying in other towns, some don't stay in Dubreuilville but ride our trails almost everyday on a 4 to 5 trip staged in  the region.... I don't want to be complaining but we really need those places to stay open..... look at what Half haven closing has done to the D trail.  What would happened to the trail system if we would shut down? 

Sleep-In chez Gaston
  house for rent (4 dbl beds, 4 sgl beds )   705-852-0128   705-884-2604

Obordelo B & B
B & B, rooms      705-884-2769 email

Dubreuil Lumber In
9 apartments (2 single beds each) w/ fridge & stove  washer and dryers in same building. Parking at your door
705-884-2525  email

(The Groomer Guy"s Store)     this is where you find me.
Convenience Store
52 rue des Pins

The best coffee  in town
NEW for 2012/2013   we are looking at having light lunches for your guys at the store... send me an email for more info.

How to get to theQuickee-Mart : From the gas station head south passed the closed motel and down the hill 2 blocks, the store is on the right come in to say hi......and buy something lol   :)

 Dureuil Lumber  In  (Formerly Dubreuil Forest products)

24hrs Gas  only with visa and Master card

|Regular Hours with gas attendant
Monday to Friday  1pm to 5pm


DO NOT   lift the lever before going to swipe your card in the car reader the pump will not work anymore until some come and resets the system.  you must first swipe  chose pump number the you can lift the lever and gas up.    if you go to swipe your card and hear a beep beep beep... that means that somebody lifted the lever before swiping and one of the pumps needs to be re set, there is no way for you to know with pump it is, there is 4 pump so if one don't work try the other until you get one, if after all that it don't work then you can come to my store and ask for somebody to call the person in charge of the pumps

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