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Saturday, 7 January 2012

my letter to the District and the OFSC


I writting this e-mail to inform you, that as of January 7th 2012, I am stepping down as club President and club member of the Club Alouettes Dubreuilville.  This opening season has been hard with barely no help and I have been trying my best to open up the trails as quickly as possible.  As well as trying to please everyone for the last 15+ years and trying to fight my way with locals everyday, I've come to the point where it's my time to move on and do other things.  So with alot of thought and a hard time making the decision since I've put my heart and soul into snowmobiling, it's with great regret I need to step down.  There comes a time in life when you realise that you are a volunteer and there is so much you can take and endure.  I have always thought as the OFSC and the Club as my big family, therefore it breaks my heart to do this and I feel that I am letting my family down.  I had big plans and lots of ideas that I wanted to do to help promote snowmobiling in our great province to help boost our sport and the OFSC.  However, with being busy with club duties I never had the time to make them happen, I guess now they will only be a dream of the past.

I will miss you all and sorry for any inconvenience this will cause.

Luc Levesque
Former Club president and Club member
Club Alouettes Dubreuilville


  1. Luc, thanks for all your contributions over the years. I really enjoyed your videos. Best of luck in the future. You were a true ambassador of the sport.

  2. Luc, what a big loss to all of us. Thanks for all you did for the sport. You are one of a kind. I will miss your reports, but I will never forget them. Good luck in your future and again a big thank you for what you have done.

  3. Sad to here Luc but you and your family come first. You did everything you could and were great at it.

    Enjoy your future.

  4. Tracey Rand, PSSD/D10 Administrator9:30 am, January 08, 2012

    You are an inspiration Luc.
    You will be missed not only within your club and district but throughout the province. All the best in your future endeavors!

  5. Luc the way you have been working so hard on the trail the past couple of season, you don't need to apolgise. Many of us wouldn't have had the energy.

    Good luck!

  6. thank you guys.. just wish the locals would see, know all of this. Most have no clue of all I did over the years, I guess they just took for granted that snowmobilers just showed up out of the blue... thank you for all the kind word, for all the support, the phone calls and emails.

  7. Luc,

    Will miss you, you are a great guy!!