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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

What can you do to help

Many people asked  "What can I do to help... I live far I would like to help"    Well One thing that everyone can do and it only takes a few miutes here and there is join my blog , become a member, Subscribe to my youtube page, I have all you guys telling that you like my blog and videos and reports but I have hardly any followers on my blog or my youtube page.   now its realy the time to show you care.

Now how can this help,  well the more subscribers on my youtube show that I have a following, then well my videos are shared more, one more thing you can do to help on youtube is click the like button under my videos that help alot and also when you make one of my videos one of your favourites.   Don't be shy to comment too that helps to boost my video ratings...... all of that helps to make a video  "Viral"   what is a "Viral video"

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A viral video is one that becomes popular through the process of Internet sharing, typically through video sharing websites, social media and ema

Share my blog and youtube Channel with friends, on facebook on twitter  the more the better, I will then be able to send my msg to many people about our little town and our little snowmobile club that needs help.

Here's where you can find my stuff

Youtube: subscribe, Like my videos and make them your favorite. and don't be afraid to comment. My goal is to have 500 subscribers by the time the snow melts.

Click on the like to Join
Click on the Like to Join

Quickee-Mart page  Facebook:
Click Like to join.

.........So... what are you waiting for...... subscribe and follow my stuff share it, post it at least you will know you did your part. 

When you are in Dubreuilville, stop in the store to say hi,  I use to not say anything because all of my work was for the sport but now with the bad economy we need all the sales we can get, doing these blogs, videos and replying to emails take alot of time. time away from the business so when you are here grab a pop or a chip..... like one guy said in a forum everyone is thirsty or could use a small snack  :)     I don't think its asking much for all the help and Info I give out.  The local restaurant in town is full and busy (I'm happy for them) but I was the one doing the work..... it's time time we get some of that lol   Somebody told me I should say it and tell people... that I should let the riders know because I never say anything about it.....well there you go.   If you can stay in Dubreuilville for the night , support the places that are trying to provide accommodations while the motel is closed.... if they don't get nobody they will stop because it will be worth it for them, visit the local repair shop or the Home hardware the town needs you guys we are hurting.  it's just too bad that they did not realise they had me to help them out but most people do complain and not notice the work I did all those years...... as you can see my heart is still in this..

Happy trails

PS:   for all of you that sent me pictures in front of the store sorry for not posting your pictures  I will try to post them today... ever since I quit I have been swamped with calls  and people coming to see me to try to make me change my mind... I'm more busy retired than I was before. lol

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