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Monday, 26 March 2012

Riders Stories

My good friends Scott Hendrie and his daughter Paige made many trips this winter here in Dubreuilville, here is one of his trips.

This was a great weekend for conditions, but had some cold nights at -36°C in Hearst.  We rode from Dub on Friday and ended up in Hearst that night.  We got a late start due to the all night drive up from lower Michigan.  I found it necessary to take it easy with my big trailer because of a snow storm.

One of Dubreuilville's B&B


Left Dub about noon on Friday and decided to take the East side of the 100 mile loop which had been groomed only once at Christmas time.  No one had taken this long side of D108A since before the last couple of storms, so it was all ours!  So beautiful a day and the trail always seems like my private wonder.  There are so many of these types of trails once you spend time learning the Wawa and Dubreuilvile areas that it is worth staying in Dub or Wawa for a number of days rather than just speeding through on a saddle-bag tour.  

The next pictures are from "The 100 mile loop trail"

The Warm up Shack on top of the big Hill  Called " Montreal River Hill"  Because its very steep and there's a big curve in the bottom.

We ran TOP A and took a few of the freshly opened loops near Moonbeam and ran down to Timmins and then returned to Hearst on Saturday the 14th.  This turned out to be a 730 Km day of riding with my daughter.  She kept saying YES! when I asked if she really wanted to go all the way to Timmins.

Cold Morning in Hearst

 Paige in the  Sled garage at the Hotel in Hearst.... she looks cold after a long day on the trails.

Paige in front of the Moonbeam snowmobile club house.

 The trails were all smooth and fast.  I do not plan to ever break this day’s distance record, and I think Paige has gotten it out of her system too.  We actually stopped at Wallmart in Timmins to get sweatshirts for the way back because it was cold!

Timmins  Walmart

Sunday the 15th  we rode back to Dub from Hearst and got to meet the OPP & STOP Patrol in Hornepayne.  No radar, so after checking paperwork we were good to go!  After a stop at Uncle’s we went straight to Missinabie to eat at Ernie’s by way of roads & Dog Lake (slush).  Not open for burgers yet, so we had to get gas & dinner back in Dub.  We were low on fuel, but made it.

Check point on the trail with Local OPP and STOP Patrol.

Monday 16th, we went for a morning ride to the game preserve and met up with “The Groomer Guy” who was working on the tractor just past the rail crossing.   Paige got to see what it was like to ride in the groomer for a bit and I picked her up about 20 minutes ride toward Missinabie.  Luc was going over to open the F trail between Ernie’s and Dalton.

Paige and the me "The Groomer guy"

Off we go into the Crown Game Preserve heading to Missanabie to open up the F trail, I came Back 3 days after that. Paige rode with me to see how it was like inside the cab and what grooming was about.

Great weekend and great conditions!

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