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Monday, 29 October 2012

Made it there and back!! Dubreuilville to wawa.

I made it back from my off road ride in the bush via the snowmobile trail from Dubreuilville to wawa via the old Hawk jct road.

The trip took me less than 2 hours to get to wawa, the road was better than i taught, it was still bad in some sections but still passable. My dad and a other lady where getting low on medication and I had a package for our storeto pickup at TransPro  so i decided to do the trip and check out the road out myself.  Note:  Since I know the road very good I made good time, but somebody not used to this road it would take them more than 2 hours to do.  the trip was about 90kms.

Here are Some Picture from the trip... they are not in order, my Blogger iPhone app is acting up and its mixing my pictures.

I don't recommend anyone to pass by there if you do not know where you are going and that you are used to do off roading.  This is not for somebody that has never done this. Only go if you know the road and that you can get out by yourself, there is no Cell service out there and there is nothing out there.  YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN!!!  I know this rad as it is our snowmobile trail we share with the Wawa club.

Warm up Shack On the D trail.
Some sections the water washed the gravel away.
Saw a rail Machine Hauling a Shovel down the rail.
A Rail machine Floating a Shovel.
This was a deep Water hole, but the ground was solid.
The same water Hole but on the way back.
One of the Rough section.
This was one of the biggest water hole the day after the rain storm but now it drained away, the truck you see was stuck in it and swamped, they pulled it out but its not running.
Deep Water Hole.
Closed up of the rail machine.
A Boat? lol  Right in the road.. I guess they used it to get to the truck.
No trip to wawa without stopping for a Tim's... the place was empty, hardly anybody.

1 comment:

  1. lOL way to go, and I see you went by truck and not 4 wheeler. Good to know it can be done. There are many workers over at the mine . . . from this area that would like to know that you made it! Sheila