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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Phantom Snowmobiles OFSC Rookie of the Year award.

This year at the 2012 OFSC AGM in Colingwood  Phantom snowmobiles. where the sponsor of the 2012 Rookie of the year award, I was very happy to hear that a sled company would give out a new sled to a rookie,  it's a great idea to help us recruit new members, this is a great way to motivate new members and get them involved.

Here's what they had to say on their face book page.

"The pleasure of Snowmobiling in Ontario is a result of the dedicated and hardworking volunteers of the member clubs throughout our Province who are the backbone of our sport. Phantom Snowmobiles in association with the Ontario Federation of...Snowmobile Clubs is pleased to acknowledge the extraordinary efforts of Karene Johansen of Campbellford,Ontario by presenting her with a New 2012 Phantom 250 Snowmobile to celebrate her being awarded the Outstanding Rookie of Year Prize by the OFSC for all of her contributions to snowmobiling in the past year.
The passion and efforts of our club volunteers, make snowmobiling a safer and enjoyable experience for Riders everywhere , Our Congratulations & Thanks go out to Karene for all of her contributions to our winter passion. 

 You can see the Rookie of the Year Phantom 250 on display at the Toronto Snowmobile & ATV Show at the International Centre in Toronto October 19, 20, 21, 2012.
Phantom Snowmobiles manufactures the only youth oriented snowmobiles in the world to allow for young people and first time riders to safely be introduced to the wonderful sport of snowmobiling"
I had the chance at the OFSC AGM to look at the Phantom Sled,   When I walked up to the sled I had no idea what brand/Manufacturer it was from, I was sure it was a sled from one of the big names Manufactures that have been in business since snowmobiling was started, I looked it over,  the style looked awsome, the fit and finish was perfect it,  had everything the big name sleds have. All I need now is to try one out, hope I get a chance soon as it looks like a fun sled, I can see myself playing around in deep snow on a lake or in an open near my house.  The Phantom is the Perfect sled for your kids to move up from the Small Sleds.  Check out their facebook page and website, make sure to say thank you, let them know we are happy they care about us.
2012 OFSC Rookie of the Year Karene Johansen Of Cambellford Ontario
For more information about phantom Snowmobiles you can check out their facebook page 
Phantom Snowmobiles Website    Phantom Snowmobiles website link

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