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Thursday, 10 January 2013

New Video.."Packing trails"

As you guys know, I went out packing trails last weekend, As usual I shot some videos and took pictures.  I even did a few livevideos from the trail grooming.  I'm finally done editing the video from the packing weekend, you guys might not realise the amount of work that goes into making these short videos, there is hours of work for only a 5 to 10 minutes video.  From shooting it you have to always think  of taking out the camera and shooting everything you do, then once home download it to the computer or do it direct on the iPhone and look at every shot and take the best one, cut them, paste them, sync music, make the transitions..... yup lot's of work but I love it, wish I had multiple cameras so I could make multiple angles.   One day I will... hey maybe one day I will have my own TV show!!!!!  Hahaha.

The Video.

We left in the morning around 11:30 am and headed down the D trails East (Wawa)  it was a good trip, had a few small holes to fill, a few down trees here and there, one  washout to fill then it was smooth sailing up to our groomer turnaround at the warm up Shack.  The next day we left town at noon, headed on the D108A North (Hornepayne)  same thing there, pushed and cut a few trees, now when you see the video you will see Alain cutting a tree in the middle of the trail, before anyone says he has no safety gear, you guys are not safe... risk management and  all,  I've been cutting  with chain saws  since I'm 13 or 14 years old, My Dad taught me the right way and my uncle, he was a logger.  I also had a school training on proper use of chainsaws.  I never got hurt once.  Alain is a Logger, well until he got laid off, he has his own grapple skidder and he has been logging for over 30+ years, he knows what he's doing... he's what you call... a PRO with chainsaws.

ok... back to the day, we packed the trail up to the washout and filled a section of it to be able to go over with the groomer we then packed the trail 20kms up to the Dree road CPR tracks.  On our way back we had a very steep hill to climb.

Overall it was a good weekend of packing trails with no incidents.


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