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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Trail News. Feb 5th 2013

Trail News,


The D108A is Closed due to a bad spot at the kaby River, the river bank on our side is very steep, In a normal season with plenty of snow this is not a problem but this year with the low snow levels north of Dubreuilville it cause the club a few problems. The club plans on having this fixed this week and have the trail reopened.


The Chapleau Club has posted a 50kms section of the C101F (Green) availlable they have the trail opened up to Shawmere. Timmins club packed/Groomed east to Foleyet and have posted the 60kms section as (Green) Available to Foleyet.   The rest of the trail to Timmins 58kms is posted as Limited (Yellow) This year both Clubs have more responsibility's as the 101 Trailmarkers club in Foleyet has shut down and are not in Operation anymore. The Chapleau Club and Timmins Clubs have to take on more trails this year, so please be easy those clubs this year, if some of the trails need grooming and if you are not happy.. think twice before complaning, we are lucky they are taking care of that section of trail.  It's easy for riders to complain without knowing the reasons.

The Chapleau Groomer made it to Dalton yesterday (Where Dubreuilville and Chapleau Club Meet) They parked the Groomer for the Nigh and took a well deserved rest. , They are back at it today and are currently grooming back to Chapleau, they are expected to be back late tonight. On Wednesday a trail crew on snowmobiles will go out and check out the trail signs and replace any missing signs and if all goes well its should be posted as Available or Limited for the riders the next day. The Chapleau Club (If Plan's have not changed) are to start on the F trail South once they are done with the F trail North, This year the south section of the F trail is seeing alot of snow, if you check the Ontario snow depth amounts the Searchmont and  and Aubrey Falls area are seing big snow amounts.  its has been snowing almost every day for the past week in that area.


The Wawa Sno Riders Snowmobile Club where working hard this weekend and put in many hours... looks like those guys did not get much sleep on the weekend as they have Trail 8 and 9 loop and trail7 to magpie now open. Good job guys.

If you have any trail reports from your club, any Club Information you would like to share send them to and I will post it on my blog.   It's your chance to get the info out there for free.

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