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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

April Snowmobile trail grooming, so sweet!!!!!

Headed out on the trails yesterday to groom the D trail West, the trail was fantastic, One would think it was Jan or Feb with that kind of trail conditions right now, so much snow out there, a few times I dropped a track off the side of the trail and I would sink deep in the snow, so much  I had to put on the differential lock so that I could come out to avoid digging in the soft snow.  I wish more people could experience April snowmobiling, it's so much fun.

The forecast for this week only shows a slight warm-up but there is snow on the way,  wonder how long this will go?  This is really a Normal winter for this area, the last few years where not, other then a low snow month in January and some rain its been a great winter.  

Pack up the sleds and come on up to northern Ontario, there is still time to ride before it's all over till next December, you will wish you had.   Check out  for information about snowmobiling in Ontario.

Here's  the video we shot recently about snowmobiling in Algoma D-13, if you haven't seen it yet, Also read the article about it .  I'm in the video riding the yellow BRP Sled., so you have to check it out. lol

Here's a video I took from the trail yesterday  (April 2 2013) Look at how much snow there is on
the side of the trail.


Here are some pictures I took from the groomer ride.

My Uncle is going to do some digging if he wants to take out his truck soon at his cottage, the trail
passes in his yard.

The ends at the Magpie Reservoir, you can ride onto Wawa from here up to the Steep Hill hydro dam.

Same Spot Magpie Reservoir, snowmobile tracks heading down to Wawa.

Ice Huts on the Magpie 

A Panoramic view of the Magpie where our trail ends.


  1. Thanks for the ride lol just watched the april 2 tour in your grommer wish i was up that far north look s like ton s of snow left on the trail s up there will have to make it up there next year for shur ...Any room up there for another heating an a/c guy ????
    lol why not work were you play cheers an keep them coming cheer s from lindsay ont......

  2. There is Keven, there is only one company doing heating and thye are over worked and there is one other doing AC work and they are also over worked.... there is no AC guy for cars or truck up here, need a mobile guy to fill in that gap.

  3. Looks like you've got more snow than us. Nice pics, especially the ones with the tight twisty trails. Those are my favorites !