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Monday, 29 April 2013

Finaly got it out.

Hey guys, well the ice hut is off the lake, it was back breaking hard work... with many blisters in my hands... Note to self... bring gloves next time.  Spent half of the day chopping the ice with an axe and an ice chisel, my wrist and hands hurt from the pounding.  the temperature got up to +18C and there was a good wind breeze, the ice and snow was melting fast, we had wet feet as the top layers of the ice was melting and in some spots we would sink in  the slush and water up to the knee in frigid water.

After hours of chopping ice I was able to slip my small floor jack under one of the hut's ski and give it a few cranks, I started pumping slowly and finally it let go from the ice and it was free, I lifted up the hut higher and put wooden block under then we passed a big wide strap and drove my truck close and hooked it up.  it still took me a few go at it as it was still hooking up on the ice but it finally broke free and it followed the truck to the beach where it sits right now, I need to set up my trailer and winch and go get her this week, that's the easy part, I'm just glad it's on the beach safe.

Now to put the ice fishing gear away and get ready for Atving season... well not before my last snowmobile ride in May that will be done this week, stay tuned for pictures and video.   Warning, the snowmobile trails are now closed in Dubreuilville due to the fast melting ice on some of the lakes where water flows in, there is still plenty of snow on the trails but the area where rivers come in its not safe anymore.  it was a good winter and I will post a season closing blog update in the next few weeks.

The ice hut after I got it out of its hole.

The Spot where it was stuck, it was jacked up on some 6x6 blocks, the blocks are still stuck in the ice but we cleaned up the rest and headed home.

The Hole, glad to see it out of there, after 3 attempts we did it.

The road out of the lake, still plenty of snow left.

The Road down to the lake.

The entrance to the Lions Club Campground, it's far from being open, still lot's of snow to melt before that.

Roger's Lake

Ouch, one of my blistered fingers....  Note to self.... don't forget gloves next time.


  1. It's totally insane that you are just taking your ice fishing hut off now! The lakes are wide open here, in fact, my first spring camping trip will be in a couple of days!

    Keep your posts coming, I read them every day...


    1. First campimg in a few days... wow. we won't be for a while here, I even drove my truck on the lake on Saturday, I would not anymore now as it melted fast on the weekend. I will keep on updating the blog with stuff I do in the summer, if you guys keep on reading I will. it's good to know you guys are tho... :) thank you and maybe we will see each other this summer krusty.