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Saturday, 21 September 2013

"The Groomer Guy Movie" It's Finaly here.

Well  here it is guys, the long awaited short film "The Groomer Guy" yes it's done and you can see it now. it was unveiled tonight at the 2013 OFSC AGM during the Presidents Dinner, it was played on big screens in a packed hall.  For those of you new to my blog last March a group of guys from Collider Films in partnership with  O.T.M.P.C (Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation) came to Dubreuilville for 2 days of filming  we spent many hours getting this done in the short 2 days we had, let me tell you that we did not get much sleep, the crew and I only got 4 or 5 hours sleep in the 2 days it was well worth it as you can see in the end product, , it was so much fun. We filmed on Sunday on the trails around town, we spent many hours doing that, trying different angles, re setting cameras, trying to get as much as we could while we still had light.

Once we where done with the trail shots of that day we headed to the snowmobile Club Groomer  garage and  did some preparations.  We set up the Gopro cameras, the lighting and other things needed  for the shots of grooming trails night.  After a good dinner at the local restaurant we  left Dubreuilville and headed down the trail with the crew following us on snowmobiles Marc Milliard the Producer/Director joined me in the cab with a camera and did a 7 hours long interview while I was going down the trail doing my thing, grooming the trail like I usually do.. but with a camera pointing at me, a bright white light and a microphone attached to my jacket collar recording my every word.

 We worked our way down the F trail, we got to the power line a big  snow storm started and we where in a total whiteout, It caught us by surprise, for those that are familiar with the F trail in this area you know that it's quite the trail, it has many steep hills, sharp curve and then some narrow section where you basically have to do some side hilling with the groomer, On many occasions I could barely see pass the front blade of the tractor, the snow was coming down hard.  As I was going down the power line heading back home I lost sight of the trail and ended going off the side of the trail, you guys should of seen this, wish the cameras where still shooting as the angle at we where at was so steep, my passenger Marc almost fell on me, he had to brace himself  good while I put the groomer in Differential lock and crawled it back on the trail, the trail base must of  been  3 1/2 feet thick, plus the deep snow on the side.  I got out of this bad spot, backed up the groomer on the trail  I fixed what I had done, I did not want a snowmobiler the next day to follow my track in there, at the same time we where laughing at the situation as my Co-pilot Marc was dosing on and off and when I fell off the trail it woke him up good.

 Marc and I had sent the rest of the crew home on the snowmobiles as we had plenty of shots of grooming and the crew was tired, it was around two or three am, they had done some great work and  they needed to go rest while we still had the long drive back in the groomer to get back to town but they ended loosing the trail as there was so much snow on the ground, you could not tell where the trail was or where to go, for the shoot we had portable CB radios for us to communicate, the crew called out to us that they where lost and did not know where to go.  After talking to them and giving me some details where they where and what they where seeing around them I knew the location and I told them to hang tight and stay there that I would be there soon, We caught up to them pointed them in the right direction and they then disappeared into the night in the heavy snow fall, there was so much snow that the 2 sleds would leave deep path in the trail.  They made it back to town and waited for us to come back.  Marc and I made it back as the Sun was rising, it was and epic ending to a long night as the snow had finally stopped and the sun was shining.

On Monday we did more trail shooting and some small details stuff around town and at the groomer garage to finish things up.  we loaded up the 2 BRP sleds on the trailer and they headed back home to Toronto.   Hope you guys enjoy the Small film, we worked hard on it, I think it turned out well, better then I could imagine, those guys know their stuff at Collider Films.

Here is the link to the video... enjoy.

ok it's a short film/Documetairy  Hahahaha.

I would like to thank all the people that made this possible, ,BRP Ski-Doo Snowmobiles ,Collider Films, Algoma CountrySled,, OFSC District 13 ASPA, Blue Sound and Music,  Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs OFSC, Tourism Sault Ste Marie, Ron Schroeder and the Snomads Snofari Club, Tourism Northern Ontario (RTO 13), Dubreuilville Alouettes Snowmobile Club, Sault Trailblazers Snowmobile Club,  Wawa SnoRiders Snowmobile Club, Wilderness Helicopters, The Wawa Motor Inn Hotel

Here are some pictures of the shoot.


My ride during the Film shoot, a BRP "Prototype" Sled, must be from last year. MXZ TnT 800R E-tec

The Tag on the Sled, low VIN Number.

The Crew Setting up for the next shot, Loved the cameras they where using, they could quickly swap lenses and do wide shots or tight shots depending on what they where looking for.

 Rob Setting up for the last shot of the day in the Groomer garage.

Shooting on the trails on a nice snowy day.

The Gopro set up on the back of the sled, it was a bit tricky to have that there as I had to be care full not to hit a tree... I ended bending a  Sorry guys.

Eddy up on the second floor waiting for me to pull in the groomer in the garage to get the final shot of the day.

Marc calling the shots during production
Chris making sure the sound was good and that my Mic was working properly.

Marc and Rob on the BRP Touring Sled scouting for the next best location the shoot video.

Marc getting the Touring sled stuck in deep snow, lol  Francois jumped on it and drove it out.

My View for 2 days......

The guys Setting up the Gopro on a rig on the back of the sled.

MXZ  Rev XS 

Such a nice day on smooth trails, perfect march ridding.


  1. Cool video! I gotta get back up there and ride it's been 10 years!

    1. Thank you!!!! had a great time doing this project, nice bunch Of Guys I sure hope to be able to more soon. Luc The Groomer Guy

  2. A freakin' helicopter Luc! LOL

    1. Yeah we had a Helicopter for the shoot, No small production there buddy!!!! I think we should a reality TV show, Snowmobiling and Grooming. What you guys think?