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Monday, 9 December 2013

Out packing trails in December.

Sunday was the day that. I headed out to pack the D trail east (Wawa)   I headed to the groomer garage, did a quick check up, cleaned out the tool box on the drag and added a few tool box and spare engine oil and hydraulic oil just in case I needed it.   it was a cold morning as when I left home I checked the Thermometer and it said -29C it had gone down lower then that as I was told by a friend that around 6:00am it was down to -32C.

I filled up the groomer, grabbed some trail signs and then I was off on the trail, There was lot's of trees and saplings to push out of the way as the wet snow from a few weeks ago had brought them down in the trail.   I made it to the groomer turn around where the Dubreuilville and Wawa clubs meet, there was plenty of snow for packing and the trail looked great. I headed back home and took some pictures and video for you guys.   The day was going well until the last 7kms to town,  as I was going down a hill my right side track locked up and I instantly stopped the groomer knowing something was wrong, as I stepped out and I saw the problem, I had blown a small tire.  I must of have hit a branch or something, as I had not hit any rock.   With the tire going flat made the track go up and the cleats hit the tandem pivot and that was making the track lock up.

After looking at the problem I could not do anything, so I called for some help, I needed some body to come pick me up,  I had to walk over half a km  mostly up hill and in soft snow, I walked to a unplowed logging road where Dan came and picked me up, lucky for me he was able to reach me from there.  As of last night the groomer is still parked on the trail waiting to be fixed.

Check out the pictures  and one video I took for you guys.

A cold December morning, Looking at the temperature before heading to start the groomer, it got down more then -32C that morning

Leaving Dubreuilville heading down the D and F trail.


The first wash out on the trail.

 One of the Wash outs on the trail, I filled half of it in and next time I should be good to fill it all in.


The Warm-up Shack on the D trail, this is where the Dubreuilville and Wawa Club turn around.

Om my way back, there trail will be wider as we pack it, the small brush on the sides will be gone.




Here's a short video I made  while on the trail to show you guys how it looks like.

One and a Half groomer wide on the first pass of the year, it's looking good..



This is how I ended my day, Again a flat tire...

Now because of the flat tire the track cleats are hitting the tandem pivot so my track is binding and locking up.
Walking back to the nearest road so I can be picked up, I had to walk more then half a Km up hill and in soft snow, lucky for me Dan was able to reach me with his 4X4 on a un plowed logging road. 
Walking back to the logging road, if you look far away in the picture you can see the groomer parked on the trail. down the hill.