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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The Countdown to winter is soon to start.

Hey Guys, Time to start blogging again, Summer will end soon and it will be time to get into our Pre Snowmobiling mode,  the 2014 OFSC  (Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Club) AGM  (Annual General Meeting) is being held in September in Ottawa  this year,  I'm sad to say that I will not be there this year.  Our little club do not have the funds to send any delegates, it's very expensive for us to go to these as they are far us to travel, you loose 2 days in traveling just to get there and back plus other expenses.   The AGM is very important event and if a club can afford to go they should go,  That's where the clubs get to decide on the future of the clubs in Ontario, Club works together to make our sport better.  The AGM is a great place to meet new people and talk about Snowmobiling, talk about the challenges each club faces and many times other clubs have solutions, ideas to help out and you bring that info back to your club.   Over the years I've made many new friends at AGM, The people are so friendly and fun, I think that everyone that is involved in a club should at least have the chance to experience one AGM.    

I hope Many of you guys can attend this year, have plenty of fun and THINK PROVINCIALY!!!!!! work as a TEAM for the good of our sport.

A few months ago you might have heard that the Chapleau Snowmobile club was folding due to the lack of volunteer  has now a full crew to help tackle  the next snowmobile season, there will be a club and the trails will be open in Chapleau.  The Club is applying to get funds to do major trail upgrades to the F trail South of Chapleau.  I wish them good luck and hope they get the funding.

Here is a News realease that was sent out from the Chapleau Snowmobile Club.

Monday July 7th

 The Chapleau Artic Watershed Snowmobile club held a meeting in hopes that enough people would show interest in keeping the club going another year. It was a wonderful to see 20 people step up and offer their services. We were able to vote in 6 directors and 4 executives. Our new president is Richard Groleau, Vice-President is Kathleen Bouchard, Treasurer is Chelsea Swearengen and the secretary is Dr. Doris Mitchell. The other six directors are Danny Connelly, Joel Langelier, Israël Fortin, Real Fortin, Rick Glabb, and Chetan Patel. Nadia Fortin has agreed to be a communications officer and Joel Lafrance has offered his services as a resource person.
That being said the work isn’t done. It takes a team to make this club successful and our team is not yet complete with the numerous volunteers that are required for the grooming, brushing, signage and rescue calls. If you can spare some of your time please contact Kathleen Bouchard at 705-864-1313   705-864-1313

 We are also looking to local businesses for sponsorship in hopes that we can help raise money for the club.

The Dubreuilville club has not seen much action this summer, some brushing has been done on some trails, The F trail has had about 2 kms of trail built on the side of the road to avoid the plowed road in the Lochalsh area.  A crew was out one day on the D trail and brushed a few kms, more to be done in the next few months.  keep check for more updates.

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