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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The Groomer Guy goes High-Tech

So I got a early xmas gift from Santa.... I finally got a GoPro Camera.   I'm now the proud owner of a new GoPro HERO 4 Silver edition.  Right now I only have one but I plan to get more in the future so I can have different camera angles... not just one view.  you can pair cameras via remotes that I can start from a distance inside the cab of the groomer.  this is so cool.

Now that I have the camera I need to buy lot's of gear, I need extra batteries... lot's of them for those long 15+ hours on the trail grooming.  Camera mounts.... to set up my camera outside on the groomer and drag to get those cool trail shots.  Over the years and recently some people have been asking how they can help as I give out information to riders, I provide directions, I get emails about trails and many other things....... so this is how you can help...  you can buy some Gopro accessories and have them shipped to my address... that way you know what you bought... know what is your contribution to the Groomer guy blog and videos.

I'm only doing this because people have been asking me.  I do this for fun... I have no Sponcer's the Advertising you see on my blog are just people and products I believe in and support, I know they support snowmobiling. I like doing this and I do it for you guys as you leave me great comments.

Weather and trail updates:

We got some snow yesterday we got 4 to 6 inches in some places, great snow for packing the trails, last weekend we had rain and lost a good amount of our snow but now we are back on track and there is lot's more snow in the forcast.  The groomer will be heading on the D trail later today and then it will be heading north to the kaby river (D108A trail to Hornepayne.  We will have some great riding for the holiday season. the groomer won't stop until the snow keeps coming

Stay tuned for more reports and videos coming soon.... Oh I should have some news from Halfway haven new owners, check back here for my report.... D trail North of the Soo to come back? Maybe....

Here is a list of things with links that I need or I could use to make my videos better.
It's a long list but to do what I want to do I need many things.....

Battery Charger. with Batteries.
GoPro Rechargeable Batteries. (Need many)
GoPro Smart Remote
Jaws Flex Clamp
Frame mount Housing
Round mount
Polar Pro Mic
Micro SD Cards
Micro SD card 32GB
Clamp.  Perfect to mount on the groomer Drag.
Lends Shields
Roll Bar Mount.
No fog inserts
Suction cup mount.
Sticky mounts
Car Mount Kit
Water proof case
tether and bolt screw.
HandHeld Gimball Mount.
Shock Proof Case
External Microphone.
Extra cuved Adhesive Mounts
GoPro Hero 4 Silver  extra cameras for different angles.
GoPro Hero 3+

My email is

Note:  When ordering form sites like Amazon, Future Shop, Best Buy... they have Free Shipping so there is no extra cost. All you have to do is put in my shipping address and it will be delivered here in Dubreuilville.

My mailing address is:

Luc Levesque
P0 Box 356
103 Rue des Pins
Dubreuilville Ontario
P0S 1B0

More will be added.... and the list will be updated when things are bought.

Thank you for your support.!!!!!