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Monday, 23 November 2015

Dubreuilville and area update.

The Snow has started to hit the area, South of Wawa on the D trail in the Halfway haven area is starting to look good, that area gets crazy amounts of snow every year.  It's a slow start compared to other years but BIG snow storm is soon to come.  Get those snowmobiles ready  because the snow will come.

In Dubreuilville we have less then an inch on the ground but he have been getting colder temperatures and that's what we need before the big snow.  This morning the temperature was -12C, perfect weather for freezing those small swamps and creeks, if we get too much snow it insulates the ground and the soft areas don't freeze up and it can cause us problems early in the season. Soon the brushing of our trails will start with the New Skidsteer and brush cutter the owners of the  Magpie Relay Motel bought for brushing the local trails.  I can't wait to see it in action and take videos of it.

There's talks about reopening the D trail West to White River and onto Marathon, it's been a long time since this trail has seen a groomer I think it was last groomed in 2011.  The Marathon Snowmobile Club is now part of District 13 and they are a hard working club and they are trying to link back up to the OFSC trail system and the rest of D-13.  So far they where able to secure a garage to store the BR 180 Groomer with the White River Township.  If all goes to plan they would have a groomer staged in White River and  volunteers would groom the D trail West and East.  Still lot's of planning left to do for this to open this year but we are hopping it will materialize and we will be riding to Marathon this winter. Keep up the good work Marathon. 
There is a down side of having the D trail going West this winter is that there will be some logging on our end of the  trail this winter, Loggers will be using about 3kms of the road (Road 12) we usually groom and one portion of the twin lake road (The road after you cross hwy 519). I'm meeting the logging company sometime this week to look at maps to determine where they are actually planning to cut this winter. 

Dan Karchur from Sault Ste Marie Ontario found snow this weekend 140kms North Of Sault Ste Marie heading in the Halfway haven Area. (Frater and Eaton area) Dan is always on the hunt for snow.

Here's a resent  picture taken at halfway Haven.  Over 13 inches of snow.

Picture Credit:Dan Karchur from Sault Ste Marie Ontario

Dan and his friend on Frater Road area riding the new snow.

Dubreuilville Friday night