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Friday, 30 March 2012

End of season storage of snowmobiles

Snowmobiles are expensive toys, we use them about 4 months in the year so the rest of the time they have to be stored, over the warmer months they will be in the heat and humid temps at times so you need to take proper steps to keep them well protected as  you could end up with problems from this and spoil your first trip next season.  When you start asking people what they do or what should be done the amount of different responses you get back are overwhelming especially for the new snowmobile owner,.  there is so many answers to summer storage it hard to know what is right thing to do.   First off you should check your owners manual to see what needs to be done with your specific model prior to storing it for a long period, as they know your particular sled and what should be done for storage.

 Once the snow is gone and the riding is done,  check over the sled, look for loose bolt, cracks,look at the suspension Idler wheels, the sliders (Hyfax for my American Friends)  give the sled a good look over, make a list of things that you notices that need attention. Take out the grease gun and grease up the sled, this will push the water out and keep the parts well lubed up all summer long, spray WD 40 over many parts of the sled to keep them well lubricated.

I personally every season fill up my tank  and treat it with stabil gas treatment, park the sled in the garage, shoot it with WD 40 and charge the battery a few times during the summer, then a few time a months fire up the sled and let it run for a while... Ive even taken it out on the grass next to the house in the field had a garden hose close by to cool it down. neighbors taught is was nuts but ..... hey that how I am Hahaha  the sound of a 800 triple is in the month of July... the 2 stroke smoke smell in the air mixed with the BBQ smell...  ok ok  back to the storage... keep focused Luc

If you store your sled and wont be able to start it up a few times in the summer some do "Engine fogging"  (Check the video below on how to fog sleds) If you don't fog your engine some say to pull off the plugs and put some 2-cycle oil down spark plug cylinder to keep the pistions from rusting.

The gas tank brings up a lot of different opinions, some say drain it, some say fill it up, What I do is fill it up with  Ste-Bil Fuel Stabilizer that you can get at Canadian Tire Stores "Canadian Tire Sta-Bil Fuel Stabilizer or in most snowmobile shops.

One big important thing to do when you store your sled make sure there is no rodents, they can cause many problems to your sled, they can chew wires, climb up in the exhaust and built a nest some have even chewed seats and made nest with the foam or even made a nest right in there.    I all ways plug my mufflers with steel wool to keep the critters out.

If you are not sure what to do go see your sled dealer many have special promotions when it comes time for end of season inspection and storage prep, they can go over the sled and have it ready for storage and they will tell you want you need to do when its time to take it out of storage and go out for your first ride.

Here are a few videos I found on you tube talking about sled storage/summarizing check them out.

Treat your sled right and have it in top shape for next season,  summer will be over  before we know it and we will be taking our sleds out of storage and riding on the trails. early in the season, hoping again for a early November ride again.  :)

  Polaris summer storage video


  1. Luc,

    Don't forget the chaincase. Drain and refill as per manual. You wouldn't believe what that stuff looks like after a winter of heating/cooling. Lots of condenstaion inside there.

  2. Great advice for any motors in long term storage here, Thanks for that.