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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Light, Camera Action!!!!

Well tomorrow is the big day,  After months of planing, the day has finally come,  A Film Crew (Collider Films) are coming here to shoot some video in the Algoma Region for 4 days, 2 of them are here in Dubreuilville, yesterday they where in Sault Ste Marie doing some interviews with some of the people there and shot some video of the guys of Michigan snowmobiler coming off the World famous "Snow Train", they shot video of them unloading the sled off the train. CN has a very nice set up, they can stop anywhere on the rail line and unload sleds, the ramp comes down and you drive your sled out.

Right now as I'm typing this they are in Wawa, doing some interviews and will shooting videos on the fabulous Wawa Sno Riders  trails, later tonight I plan on heading out to Wawa and meet with the crew there and do some pre shooting planing to have our game plan ready for the next day's Filming.  The crew will spend 2 days in Dubreuilville, on day ONE we will head out in the Groomer and film me while  grooming the trails and other regulars stuff that I do in a day.  I will take the crew on the F trail up to dog lake and show them the hills and the cool  spots in there.   we will shoot day time grooming and then Night time shots too.

On day TWO we will head out on the trails and ride what we have groomed the night before, I'm being spoield that day and get to ride a special sled, I'm going to ride a new BRP SKI-DOO, I've been told it's a special sled so I can't wait to ride it and try it out on our trails.

keep on checking the blog for some updates, I plan of shooting some videos of the guys shooting video of me and the groomer...  a behind the scene look at the making of the video. I will post pictures and video right here on the blog and some sneak peeks on facebook, make sure to Click on the" Like" Button on my facebook page to get the updates on your time line so you don't miss ou ont anything, also you can join my blog page by subscribing to if, you have to create a google account and have a profile but that's simple and easy to do.  The more people following me and sharing my stuff the more I will be able to have more videos.   

This Film shoot is a start to many more things to come, thank you all for being there and supporting me over the  years, with your help we will be able to do more,  if it keeps on going like this maybe a reality TV series could happened and you guys will get to be in it when you come to visit me and ride the trails.   By doing this it can bring attention to the local clubs and to our snowmobile towns, This is very important for me as I want to promote our great sport to others that have never tried it and invite them to try it for the first time, also I want to get new blood, more people to volunteer and join clubs.  I want to show people the Fun of snowmobiling and the Big Family we are..... Like I often say " You meet the nicest people on snowmobiles"

All of this could not of happened without the help of check them out for information about power sports in Ontario,. and Canada's new Sleds and Quads Listing site.  Thank you guys for your Big Support.

So keep on checking and experience this fun 2 days with me...

Keep On Grooming.

The Groomer Guy.

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