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Friday, 22 March 2013

The Groomer Girls on the trail.

It was a nice sunny day.... for a while, it snowed early morning but then the sun came out,. It was 2:45, time to go pick up my 2 girls at school.   They came out of school and since there is no figure skating on Thursdays I asked them what they wanted to do, I asked if they wanted to go snowshoeing, ride the Kitty Cat or come out grooming with daddy....  "Grooming... Grooming, we want to go Grooming with you"  they yelled.   So grooming it was.

 we headed to the groomer shop, fired up the groomer and let it warm up, checked the fluid levels, topped them up, did the usual greasing of the machine and inspection then we where off on the trail, the girls had a good time, all exited see how much snow was out there and seeing the moose tracks on the trail.  They had many questions and I tried to answer them all at the same time trying to concentrate at the task at hand.  On the way back it was more relaxed as I had packed most of the snow on the first pass on the way there so we cranked up the music and sang to our favourite songs.

  On our way back it started snowing again, it was so beautiful, the 4 hour trip was over in no time, we headed back to the shop, Fueld the groomer and de -ice the track system, removing the snow we had collected on our trip. We parked the groomer and headed home to a warm dinner waiting for us on the table, we filled our bellied and  the girls had plenty to say about our groomer tri,p going into details what had happened during our 4 hours on the trail. 

 I have 2 little girls that are hooked on snowmobiling and grooming..... these kids are the future of our sport, take out a kid for a groomer ride or a snowmobile ride if you have the chance, bring you friends kids for a quick groomer ride or a short snowmobile ride, they will love it and go back to school and tell all their friends about it and say how much fun they had, if you have old Snowmobile magazines, give them to the kids, they love them, they will read them over and over and they will say "One day I will have my own Snowmobile and groom trails"   also not just a child you can take out, if you are heading out to groom try to take a non snowmobiler out, show them what we do and they will love the experience, some end up getting into the sport.  Make it your duty to introduce  a child to snowmobiling, try and get them interested, then they will convince mom and dad to get a family snowmobile and we know some kids can be very good at persuading the parents in buying stuff lol. 

So as the snow keeps on piling up and we keep on grooming/packing it in march, I say get out there and ride before it all gone, load up the sleds and head to new places, explore northern Ontario there is still plenty of snow to ride.

Keep On Grooming.

The Groomer Guy.

View of Dubreuilville, heading away from the town on the D 108A North (Hornepayne)

The Girls are happy to be out grooming with Daddy today.

Lilianne very comfy in the passenger seat.

Some of the my favourite sections of the D108A trail, I just love grooming this section.

View of a Steep hill from the top, going down.

View of the same hill from the bottom, going up.

Training the next club groomer operator, Emilyn 9, she says one day she will groom trails like daddy.

One steep Hill, lot's of snow it gave me a hard time as you can see in the picture,
hard to get traction in that much snow.

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