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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Dubreuilville Alouettes Club update and Area trails.

Hey Guys, just a quick post to keep you updated on the club here in Dubreuilville.   Well things are looking up, we had our club AGM  (Annual General Meeting) on September 25th, We had elections and we now a have full roster in the club, We have a New Club president, Vice President and Treasurer/Secretary .    I have confidence in this group, we are all ready for the challenges ahead and are ready to face them head on.   Now as long as we sell our mandatory 50 permits (minimum) we will be ok. Please help our little club by buying a permit from us if you plan on riding in our area this winter.

Some of the other challenges  that the Club will be facing are that logging has re started in the area and we might have to re-route our trail to Hornepayne on the Simpson road side, for those familiar with the area that's the side of the 100 miles loop. We should know more as the  season get's closer, we sure hope that we won't have to go that side as since last fall (2012)  the area has received some record rain fall, many roads are washed out, so lot's of work will be needed to fill in those hole with snow.   With all this rain, the swamps and low line areas are full of water, many area that usually do not have water are now little swamps.

Now you guys don't worry, we will find a way and the trails will be open again this winter, the sad news is that the C101F from Chapleau to Timmins will not be open this winter, so that means that riders will have to use the F trail south of Chapleau the head  south East to Elliot Lake, from there you take the D/F trail south Elliot Lake until you get to the D/f Intersection where you can choose one of the 2 trails to head  East to Sudbury, the D trail heads to Sudbury.   it's a longer loop, well a way longer loop, lol but its and option for you guys, now I was told that the trail is closed for this year but they are still a looking at re-opening it again, for the 2014-15 season,  keep your fingers crossed. 

In the next few weeks we will start the work on a bypass on the F trail near the old town of Lochalsh, we have about 1.7kms to brush out, we are taking the trail off of that road for that short area, we do not like to share roads that are plowed, I really do not like running on a plowed road, this re rout will be better later in the season when the snow starts melting, we will avoid having bare spots.   Trail brushing and cutting downed trees should start soon at the same time to do signage and trail inspections.

Come back to see pictures of our work.

Keep on Grooming!!


April Trail Grooming 2013

April Grooming  2013



  1. Great Job Luc and THANK YOU to the new board members in advance for your hard work!