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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

November 26th Snow, Snowmobiles.... and more snow....... Pictures and video.

Hello my Snowmobile friends and Blog Fans as some of you follow my blog but are not Snowmobilers and just like seeing what we do in the winter in Canada.  Today was a great day,  woke up to some new snow, left for work and did a quick spin around town at 5:30 am, during the morning we got some more snow, I took some picture and videos,  After work today I took a ride around town and I snapped a few pictures, and videos, As I was shooting the videos I could hear snowmobiles in the background, I got home and I saw a few go by my place, in the span of about an hour there must of been about  8 to 10 snowmobiles that went by my house, 2 of them where 2 brand new 2014 Summit Freeride, one passed near my driveway and chewed up my snow pile, I wish I had my camera on as it was quite the sight, the machine came right up strait... so much that the rider had to give the sled a push for it to go back down... it would of been a cool video... oh well next time, I did took a picture of the carnage it's posted on here lol.   I was taking pictures today I went to check out one of the lakes in town "Green lake"  I saw some track on it, some snowmobiles started running the lakes around town, I guess the lakes are solid now, with the -30C temperature we got last weekend and a few -20C the ice should be pretty solid, but I would not go on the lakes, stay off the lakes guys until it really safe, don't take chances. 

Many of you are looking at my pictures and are thinking...."Why is he not packing this"  Well we live on the Canadian shield and we have lot's of rocks here, We just need a little bit more and I will go out and do some tests, I will do the D trail East and see.   Soon we will be packing the trails and be at it full bore and will be saying... why do I do this..... I tired, I can't wait for spring to get here lol 

Well time for bed for this guys, 4:30am comes quick... Night everyone!!! keep checking as I will do more updates.

Keep on Grooming


The Magpie River in Dubreuilville right in front of the Church

Same Spot, Magpie River.

The D trail near Green Lake

Green Lake with Snowmobile tracks on it.

Green Lake close up  D trail West Run over this lake.

Before my Truck track to Show you guys.
After truck tracks 

D trail West head back to Dubreuilville and Green Lake 

D trail heading West

My Driveway and the Snowmobile tracks of a 2014 Summit Freeride, next picture is what he did to my Snowmobile at the end of my driveway. Hahahaha!!!!