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Monday, 25 November 2013

Some good news for District 13 and Algoma.

Our district had a meeting  yesterday (November 24th)  There is some great news this year, first thing is that our 100 miles loop is back this year, this is a favorite among many riders, We are happy to be able to bring it back in our trails system, the moose might be making a comeback also.   Some other great news The Chapleau Club is now in District 13, this is awesome news because we share allot of the same trails and the Chapleau club will fit in well with us,  Our district was boundaries was divided in a strange way as Elliott Lake (District 13) has the F trail at one end then it goes to Chapleau (Was in District -14) in the center and then it goes to us in Dubreuilville, ( Back Into District 13)  it was complicated to have this trail groomed and maintained, as the Chapleau Club where in District 14,  The District  was unable to devote the attention to their portion of the F trail that was truly needed, now the F trail will get full attention and I expect it to see some major upgrades in the next few years.

 More great news guys,  a groomer  will  be staged  permanently at Black Creek (Aubrey Falls) The groomer will groom the F trail towards Elliot Lake & Chapleau, D106 towards Echo Bay and the new D201F trail towards Searchmont  If you guys did not know there is a new trail this year that will run from Searchmont up to Aubrey Fall, you will be able to go from Sault Ste marie north to Chapleau then ride to Dubreuilville and Wawa or head South to Elliott Lake or Echo Bay and ride back to Sault Ste Marie.  This is going to be some great riding as the D201F is located in a area that has heavy snowfall and high elevation, the area north east of  the Sault Ste. Marie is located in some of the highest elevations in Ontario. The Ogidaki Mountain is over 2,000 meters high and has one of the last fully preserved (natural State) Fire Lookout Tower sites in all of Ontario. This High elevations  means early snow and early riding opportunities.  On this spectacular route, you will have the opportunity to sled pure wilderness on scenic groomed trails.  170 kilometres (105 miles) of incredible riding with Searchmont on one end and Aubrey Falls on the other.  

I was also told that the Chapleau Club will have a groomer staged at Flame lake to groom the F trail on both sides.  The F trail is going to rock this winter, I really have to do this trip this winter. This next season will be an exciting one for our district, I will post more information with links and info later on about the trails and places to stay in the area.

keep on checking for more info and updates.


The New trail D201F in Bold Red, The Groomer will be parked at Aubrey Falls at Black Creek Outfitters.

Picture from this morning (November 25th)

Picture taken last Saturday on Hwy 17 North of White River.


  1. Thats some great news Luc -- Planning on an Ontario adventure this year for sure!!!

  2. Cool Ken, hope to see you here this winter.