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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Trails Updates Dubreuilville. and Area.

Trails Updates Dubreuilville. and area. Jan 29th 2013.

What a difference a week can make, At this time last week the temperature was at -40C, freezing cold, cars would not start, buses cancelled, any work outside was put off until it was warmer,  7 days later and its -1 with a very light drizzle.  They are calling for colder temps on Thursday, I hope they send more snow.  Will this winter ever be normal?.... what is a normal winter? Hard to tell, the last 5 years have been up and down, no one seems to know, it's too hard to predict.

As of today the Dubreuilville snowmobile club has changed the D108A trail from yellow to Green, the F trail from Dubreuilville to Dog Lake is now posted as limited, Dog lake is good with some great ice, No lake markers yet but they should be in by the end of the week, it's just a mather of having time to go out and doing it. We have not packed the F trail going to Dalton, we still need more snow.   The Chapleau Club are still waiting for a part for the broken Groomer,  as soon as they get it they are going to do the F trail to Dalton. then the C101F and the F trail South. 

The Wawa club  has posted a few updates  "D trail South is now open to Anjigami Lake. Note there is no connection for vehicular traffic through the Michipicoten River village this season.,  The Tucker is finally back on the snow with a completely serviced undercarriage and new tracks. We spent many cold hours splicing the old tracks on the trail last season and hope to have a trouble free season now. hundreds of volunteer hours went into this machine over the past few months. special thanks to Doug and Scott for devoting so much time to get it done."

Echo Bay has done the D106 Thurs & Fri but have not opened it yet, I was told it will be soon,  Elliot Lake has the F trail done to Black Creek as well and it is open. The Sault Ste marie club has brought a groomer across north of the Ranger Lake Road (still seeking approval for the trail so not opened yet.) and came down to Black creek so the F trail is done from Hwy 556 to D 106.

F & D trail Intersection looking East to Wawa.  The F trail goes to the left, Not packed yet.

F & D trail Intersection looking  west to Dubreuilville.



  1. Glad to see you're finally getting some snow and grooming done. We too are in dire need of snow in Hearst, although the trails are very respectable considering.

    Keep at it !

    Denis ;-)

  2. Hey Denis, it's -7C here this morning and they are calling for snow for today and tomorrow, sure hope we get it.