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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Grooming in March, Bloopers, Video and Pictures.

It was a nice day Sunday to head out on the trails grooming, the sun was out and there was plenty of snow, we started the day with overcast skies but then it cleared up and the sun was warming us up.  I decided to do the D & F trail in one shot, as it saves time and money as you have to use the same trail to get to both. The trails are so nice, perfect, everyone that I met said they where happy and where having a great time.   The trail was in great shape, there was a good amount of sleds that had been by but because I set up the trail well the week before and that the cold had made the trail base rock hard, barely no damage was done to the trail, the only sections that  needed grooming was in the tighter areas where the trail winds in and out of the woods, the tighter areas.  The main Logging roads once they have a good hard base stay really nice and only the sharper curves require some attention.  I say this because I'm sure some will say " the trail is perfect and they send the groomer out"   When taking pictures, I for sure won't take pictures of the bad spots lol I look for the best spot to stop and shoot video and pictures.... who wants to see a rough trail will moguls?  Not me. lol  Check out the video and pictures of the trip, hope you enjoy.

Video, Raw Footage
I took some videos on the trail but I took more pictures as it was so nice, shooting with the iPhone you have to change modes from camera and video, many times I would think I was in camera mode but was in video mode and I ended up with many little videos so I decided to share with you guys the Raw footage... the bloopers.  In the video at one spot I was shooting video but forgot to put the groomer in "B RANGE" in the gears before a Big hill and when I was down shifting gears I ran out of power  I was in C Range..... it was funny. 

D & F trail East

D & F East

F trail The Start of the Power Line Section.

F trail Power Line

One of the Steep Hills On the F trail in the Power Line, My co Pilot Dave going up on foot to warn snowmobilers the groomer is coming up and to take pictures.

The "Roller Coaster" Section of the F trail Power Line

One More Steep Hill, Can you See Dave at the Top taking Pictures.

Same Hill From near the Top

Arriving at Dog Lake where we turn around with the groomer.


D trail |East heading to the Warm-up shack.

D trail East


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, the trails where so nice that day, the sun was out... it was sureal... I had a great satisfaction feeling seing the trails that nice and snowmobiler giving the thumbs up as they drove by.